Live tiles. At-a-glance information.

Live tiles keep you up to date on the stocks you care about the most and your portfolio performance without having to enter the app.

Busy running to another meeting at work? Simply unlock your phone and you can get all the information you need in a matter of seconds.


Charts. Fully interactive.

Pinch-to-zoom, trackball, OHLC and candlestick support.


Portfolio data. With the metrics you need.

View the value, cost basis, daily, and total change for each position in your portfolio.

Multi-currency support allows you to convert holdings in different stock exchanges around the world to a single currency using real time foreign exchange rates.


Quotes. US and international exchanges.

Get up to date quotes for US and most international exchanges. Real-time data for all US exchanges.

All quotes displayed with a time stamp so you know exactly how recent the data is. Track foreign exchange rates for all major currencies. Each quote comes with a summary that includes stats such as EPS, P/E, Fwd P/E, PEG Ratio, 50/200d MA, P/S, Book Value.


News. For keeping up to date.

Top market headlines and news for each quote in your portfolio.

All your investment needs in a single app.


Privacy. Your data is kept private.

All portfolio data is stored locally on your phone.

You may optionally backup data to your personal cloud storage to synchronize between all your devices.

The app comes with an optional lock screen to keep your portfolio locked from others using your phone.